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Arnie Arnesen currently on leave.

Episode #128 (FINAL): July 26, 2009
Host: to be announced



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Betty Hall
NH State Representative
Show app
earances: Dec. 2, 2007

No description given

Rep. Chris Hamm
NH State Representative (D)
V. Chair Ways and Means
Show appearance: Apr. 1, 2007, Feb. 17, 2008

Christine Hamm is in her fifth year and third term as a member of the New Hampshire Legislature where she serves as vice-chair and former clerk of the Ways and Means Committee. She is also co-author of a popular travel guide to New Hampshire, and her annual New Year's wrap-up in verse for The Concord Monitor has earned her the title of that newspaper's "Poet Laureate".

Cliff Harris
Representative of Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce
Show appearance: Apr. 13, 2007

No description given.

Brian and Alma Hart
Gold Star Parents
Show appearance: Feb. 25, 2007

Brian and Alma Hart's son, Private First Class John Hart, was killed in Iraq in October 2003, during a firefight with Saddam loyalists. After Brian and Alma learned that their son's death could have been prevented if the humvee he was driving in was adequately armored, the couple lobbied tirelessly for funding to equip the troops with the tools essential for survival. Three months after their son's death, the Army agreed to double its order of up-armored humvees.

In 2004, a humvee was almost completely totaled in a roadside attack, but the heavy bomb proof armor that incased the passenger compartment was still completely intact. The soldier who survived the attack made a cardboard sign that read, "Thanks Brian and Alma Hart, Senator Kennedy and everybody else who cares for our wellbeing and makes an effort. You have saved lives."

Recently, Brian and Alma Hart began to speak out against the poor treatment physically and mentally wounded US soldiers endure after returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Washington Post reporter Dana Priest recently revealed the horrific conditions at the outpatient facilities of Walter Reed Hospital . Brian and Alma offer solutions to correct the intolerable problems at Walter Reed Hospital and how we can truly support our troops.

Suzanne Harvey
NH State Representative
Show appearance: Oct. 07, 2007, May 25, 2008

Rep. Suzanne Harvey is serving her second term in the NH House and is vice chair of the Science, Technology & Energy Committee.  Her particular interests are in renewable energy and energy conservation/efficiency.  She was the prime sponsor in the 2007 session of the Renewable Portfolio Standard bill, signed by the Governor, which will help bring more renewable energy to NH while creating good jobs and fostering economic development in the state.

Suzanne was also editor of a trade magazine for the pharmaceutical industry, interviewing company presidents and CEOs for feature articles, and she spent over a decade as a project director in continuing medical education, developing educational programs for physicians and other healthcare providers.

She lives in Nashua with her husband, Ed Rietman, a physicist.

Maggie Hassan
NH State Senator
President Pro Tem
Show appearance: Jul. 20, 2008

No description given.

Meredith Hatfield
NH Consumer Advocate
Show appearance: June 17, 2007

Meredith Hatfield was confirmed by the Governor and Executive Council as the State’s Consumer Advocate on September 27, 2006. Under RSA 363:28, the New Hampshire Office of Consumer Advocate represents the residential customers of the state’s regulated utilities. The Office participates in numerous proceedings before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, federal regulators, before various state and federal courts, and before the New Hampshire Legislature on behalf of residential ratepayers.

Prior to being named Consumer Advocate, Meredith practiced law at Pierce Atwood, where she focused on energy, environmental, and land use matters. She previously served as Program Director at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, focusing on smart growth projects including the development of the State Long Range Transportation Plan and the launching of the New Hampshire Workforce Housing Council.

Meredith previously served as Policy Director at the Governor’s Office of Energy and Community Services (now the Office of Energy and Planning), representing the agency on energy, environmental, and consumer protection issues. In that role she worked closely with the OCA and with PUC staff on a wide range of utility issues, including restructuring implementation cases, and design of the Electric Assistance Program and the “Core” Energy Efficiency Programs. She also represented the agency in the Legislature, working to pass legislation creating the state’s first Energy Plan, which she then led through the planning process with a multi-agency advisory committee.

Ken Hawkins
NH State Representative
Show appearance: Mar.16, 2008

Ken Hawkins was born in Plymouth N. H. on December 30, 1942. He graduated from Scotia Glenville High School in Scotia NY in 1962. He served three years in US Marine Corps from Feb65 - Feb68 and was Honorably discharged with the rank of Sgt(E5). He married Joyce in 1968 and they two children, 3 grandsons, and a grand daughter due April 2008. His community activities include member Merrimack Jaycees, President NH Jaycees, National Vice President U.S. Jaycees, Chairman of the Merrimack bi-centennial committee, chairman of the building committee at St. James Methodist Church in Merrimack, member, numerous committee chairs, and President of the Bedford Mens Club, Board member of Bedford Off Broadway, and member of the Bedford Republican Committee. He received the Norris Cotton Republican of the year Award for Hillsborough County in 2002 and 2004. He is presently serving his Third term in the House representing Bedford, and serves on the House ED&A committee. (Executiv e Departments & Administration Committee).

Ned Helms
Former Chair of the NH Democratic Party and HHS Commissioner
Show appearance: Nov. 09, 2008

Ned Helms, MA, serves as Director of the New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice. Mr. Helms provides intellectual and administrative leadership for the Institute by overseeing the continued growth and direction of the Institute, investigating and pursuing the development of research and demonstration projects, and facilitating collaborative linkages with health and health policy organizations throughout New Hampshire. Mr. Helms has over 30 years of experience in New Hampshire health policy and politics. His experience spans the health policy continuum and includes, serving as: a Legislative and Administrative Assistant for Health Policy within the U. S. Senate, Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services for New Hampshire, founder and President of a health policy consulting firm (Helms and Company), and Chief Administrative Officer of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Hampshire. He has a Master of Arts in American Government from the University of New Hampshire.

Paul Henle
Granite State Fair Tax Coalition
Show appearance: Feb. 24, 2008

No description given.

Jamie Henn
Show appearance: July 29, 2007

Jamie Henn was one of the national coordinators of Step It Up 2007, which organized over 1,400 climate rallies across the country on April 14. He has worked with the youth climate movement around the country, organizing in the Northeast, San Francisco, and Detroit. A recent graduate of Middlebury College, he wrote his history thesis on the involvement of students and civil rights organizers in Earth Day 1970.

Kathy Hersh
City of Nashua
Show appearance: Dec. 16, 2007

Kathy is currently the Director of the City of Nashua's Community Development Division. She is responsible for the Planning Department, the Building Safety Department, the Code Enforcement Department, Urban Programs and the Nashua Transit System. Ms. Hersh has over 18 years of professional experience in numerous aspects of urban community planning. In her various professional, volunteer and political roles for the past twenty years, she has been a leader in initiating and promoting community development projects that make Nashua a more livable and sustainable community. During her six-year tenure as Director, the City has updated the City-wide Master Plan, the Downtown Master Plan and adopted the first East Hollis Street Master Plan. Ms. Hersh was instrumental in the passage of Nashua's first tax increment financing district, which was used to build 700 feet of the Promenade. She is currently chair of the Nashua Regional Planning Commission.

Rep. David Hess
NH State Representative (R)
Show appearance: Mar. 11, 2007, Aug. 12, 2007, Apr. 13, 2008, May 25, 2008, Jul. 20, 2008, Sept. 07, 2008, Nov. 02, 2008

Representative David Hess is currently the Deputy Republican Leader in the NH House of Representatives and was the Majority Leader from 2002-2005.He is the Town Moderator of Hooksett, NH, a position he has held since 1989. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Yale Law School, David Hess was a former partner in the law firm of Hall, Hess, Stewart, Murphy and Brown, P.A. from 1975-2003. Attorney Hess was an Asst. NH Attorney General from 1972-1975 and served as a Judge Advocate and Military Judge in the US Air Force from 1968-1972.

Nancy Hirshberg
Vice President, Stonyfield Yogurt
Show appearance: July 1, 2007

Nancy Hirshberg is the Vice President of Natural Resources for yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, Inc. She is responsible for identifying opportunities to improve the company’s environmental performance. For over a decade Nancy has managed Stonyfield Farm’s organic sourcing. The organic program, which she began in 1994, now has annual organic sales exceeding $200 MM, making Stonyfield Farm the leading manufacturer of organic yogurt in the world.

Nancy has implemented many of the company’s pro-active environmental practices including a program for ecological auditing to examine overall corporate environmental impact, and projects to significantly reduce Stonyfield's environmental impact. Under her management, Stonyfield Farm’s environmental leadership has brought praise from the environmental community including many of the most prestigious awards bestowed on businesses including The Green Cross Millennium Award for Corporate Environmental Leadership; the President’s Council on Sustainable Development National Award for Sustainability; the Climate Wise Achievement Award, from the US Environmental Protection, and the Robert Rodale Environmental Achievement Award.

Paul Hodes
Second District Congressman
Show appearance: June 3, 2007

Since the day in 1978 that David Souter first asked him to join the New Hampshire Attorney General's office, Paul Hodes has worked for the people of New Hampshire. When Souter was New Hampshire's Attorney General he interviewed many young attorneys for the one slot he had for a prosecutor in the state Criminal Justice Division. After a long one-on-one interview, Souter chose Paul Hodes as the right man for the job, and Paul began making a positive difference for the people of New Hampshire.

Serving as an Assistant Attorney General from 1979 until 1982, Paul distinguished himself as an outstanding prosecutor. In those years he prosecuted homicides, white-collar crimes, and tried and won the state's first criminal case against an environmental polluter.

Because of his record of success, Paul Hodes was chosen to serve as Special Prosecutor for the State of New Hampshire in 1982. He was given the case of the State v. Stewart-Meyers, a notoriously complex white collar criminal case. Serving as the lead prosecutor, Paul won convictions in 1983.

Today, Paul is in private law practice, defending the rights of private citizens as a shareholder and director with the law firm of Shaheen & Gordon, P.A. in Concord, NH.

Jennifer Horn
Candidate for Congress
Show appearance: Apr. 20, 2008

Jennifer Horn is a former columnist for the Sunday edition of The Telegraph and was the host of "On The Air With Jennifer Horn", a daily 2 hour current events talk radio show. As host of the show, Jennifer Horn won three New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Golden Mike Awards: including First Place for Radio Feature (a special on the homecoming of Bravo Company in 2006) and a second place for Radio Documentary (Special Report: Illegal Immigration in America).

Jennifer Horn has spent a lifetime involved in her community - volunteering for the first time at her local hospital at the age of 18.

Inspired by her cousin's decade long struggle with Breast Cancer, Jennifer Horn has been actively involved in supporting Breast Cancer research and support groups through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, completing five 60-mile walks and two 40-mile walks. Jennifer Horn has organized teams of walkers and wrote a book, Hope Is A Walking Dream, donating all proceeds to Breast Cancer support programs.

In 2007, Jennifer Horn received the Spirit of Hope Award for her work with the Chernobyl Children Project. Jennifer has been an active volunteer for the project since 1999, including six years as the New Hampshire coordinator, from 2001-2006, growing it from 1 host family hosting two children to as many as 10 host families hosting 20 children - coordinated the efforts of volunteers, creating a coalition of support from a number of faith organizations, coordinating, organizing and hosting major fundraising events, and participating in a 2005 humanitarian trip to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant contamination zone, and visit her host children.

In July 2007 Jennifer Horn Co-Chaired the first Operation America Rising New Hampshire support the troops rally in Greely Park, Nashua. Disturbed by the partisan, politicized tone of the debate surrounding the current conflict in Iraq, Jennifer spear-headed an effort to show non-partisan community support for the men and women of the United States Military.

Jennifer Horn has volunteered for and served on the Board of Directors for Marguerite's Place – an organization that provides transitional housing, education, training and daycare for women and children who need a safe place to live and get their lives back on track.

Jennifer Horn volunteered for and served on the Board of Directors for Nashua Police Athletic League, a group that provides extra-curricular athletic opportunities and a community center with a focus on developing friendly relations between the police and the children in the neediest neighborhoods.

Jennifer Horn has 5 children and lives in Nashua with her husband Bill.

Mark Hounsell
Former NH State Senator
Conway Daily Sun Columnist
Show appearance: June 17, 2007

Mark Hounsell served as a Republican in the NH State Senate from 1984 – 1988. Presently he is the Conway Daily Sun's Political Analyst. Senator Hounsell is a political activist and a campaign consultant. His column "Securing the Blessings of Liberty" appears weekly in the Conway Daily Sun. Contact him at

Susan Howland
Manchester's First Homelessness Services Coordinator
Show appearance: Dec. 21, 2008

No description given.

John Hunt
NH State Respresentative
Show appearance: Dec. 09, 2007

No description given.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA)
Presidential Candidate
Show appearance: July 8, 2007

Since first being elected to Congress in 1980, Duncan Hunter has devoted himself to ensuring that our military is second to none, securing our nation’s borders, and protecting American workers from unfair competition. Hunter works on these issues because he believes that America’s greatest strength is our freedom and its protection requires our effort in all areas.

In 1980, Hunter was asked to mount a challenge for the Congressional seat held by 18-year incumbent Lionel Van Deerlin. Despite the district having a 2-to-1 Democrat registration, Hunter won the seat in an upset. Coming to Washington, Hunter successfully sought a seat on the House Armed Services Committee where he could work on America’s national security needs. Serving on this committee throughout his career, Hunter became Chairman of the full committee in 2002, overseeing a $532 billion defense budget. During his chairmanship from 2002-2006, and now as Ranking Member of the committee, Hunter focuses his efforts on providing President Bush with the necessary resources to win our nation’s military conflicts, protecting our men and women in uniform, and developing modernization initiatives that will move new and more effective technologies into the field of battle.
Excerpts from

Prof. Marcus Hurn
Professor and Associate Dean,
Pierce Law Center
Show appearance: Apr. 29, 2007, Oct. 12, 2008

Professor Hurn has taught fifteen different subjects—basic courses, including Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Business Associations as well as specialized subjects such as State & Local Taxation and Historical Development of the Common and Civil Law. He is regularly sought by practicing lawyers and legislative committees for expertise on corporate law, financial reorganization, state and local taxation, and charitable trusts. A recognized expert on white collar crime, he has testified in the prosecution of several multimillion–dollar fraud cases. He is also co–author of several statutes, including the NH Hate Crimes Law, the sexual orientation portions of the NH Law Against Discrimination, the Business Corporations Act, and the Limited Liability Company Act. Dean Hurn presently teaches Debtor/Creditor Relations and Property.

Fmr. Navy Rear Admiral John Hutson
President and Dean, Franklin Pierce Law School
Show appearance: Apr. 22, 2007

Dean Hutson was born in North Muskegon, Michigan. He was commissioned in the U.S. Navy upon graduation from Michigan State University in 1969. He then attended the University of Minnesota Law School from which he graduated in 1972. Upon admission to the State Bar of Michigan, he began a 28-year career in the Navy.

In 1980, Dean Hutson attended Georgetown University Law Center where he earned a Master of Laws degree. He also served as Staff Judge Advocate and Administrative Officer at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Dean Hutson was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit (with three gold stars), Meritorious Service Medal (with two gold stars), Navy Commendation Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal as well as other awards.

Upon retirement from the Navy, Dean Hutson was appointed Dean and President of the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, NH. Pierce Law is a small, private and independent law school which enjoys a world wide reputation particularly in the area of Intellectual Property Law.

Patrick Hynes
Blogger, 'Ankle Biting Pundit'
Republican Consultant
Show appearance: May 6, 2007

Patrick Hynes is the President of New Media Strategics. He serves as the blog consultant for Sen. John McCain's Straight Talk America PAC. He is the founder and proprietor of the blog Ankle Biting Pundits. Patrick lives in New Hampshire with his wife Michelle and their daughters Rose and Grace.

An experienced political operative and consultant, Patrick has helped hundreds of candidates win public office. National Journal described Patrick as "a hack with a pretty good record of electing Republicans." The American Conservative called Patrick "an expert on evangelical voting patterns." And Campaigns & Elections named Patrick a "Rising Star in American Politics."

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