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Arnie Arnesen currently on leave.

Episode #128 (FINAL): July 26, 2009
Host: to be announced



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Debra LaFlamme
Wife of Roland LaFlamme
Show appearance: February 10, 2008

No description given

Roland LaFlamme
Former Mill Worker
Show appearance: February 10, 2008

No description given

Dal LaMagna
Democratic Candidate For President
Show appearance: July 15, 2007

Dal ran for U.S. Congress twice in the 3rd Congressional District in New York as the Democratic and Green candidate in 1996 and 2000, respectively and is currently running for President in the 2008 Democratic Primary. During the 2006 federal elections, Dal served as an active chair of Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell’s re-election campaign.

Dal received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1971 and his master’s in public administration in 2002 from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he was named a Littauer Fellow. He graduated from Providence College in 1968 and played on their basketball team as a freshman. He spent his junior year abroad at the University of Fribourg Switzerland. His earlier educational days were spent at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, the Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, and Saint Clare’s in the Rosedale section of Queens.

Dal LaMagna is also known as Tweezerman. He founded the company in 1980 and built it into a multi-national, premier personal care tool brand that practices responsible capitalism. Part of the company’s mission is to benefit all stakeholders -- including financial partners, employees, customers, vendors, the community and the natural environment. While at Tweezerman, Dal traveled throughout the world extensively. He also co-founded a Tweezerman India a factory located in Pondicherry, India.

Doug Lambert
Blogger, 'GraniteGrok'
Co-host, 'Meet The New Press', WEMJ Laconia
Show appearance: May 13, 2007 , December 02, 2007, February 03, 2008, February 24, 2008, May 04, 2008, Nov. 09, 2008

Doug Lambert, originally from RI, has lived in NH since 1985. With his wife, he owns and operates a manufacturing firm in Gilford, NH where they live with their 2 children. Doug has been active in local politics since 1996. He has written a weekly column in the Laconia Daily Sun for the past five years. In July of 2006, together with Skip Murphy, he formed Poligrok, LLC, a media company that operates two Blogs-- and and a "blogocentric" radio venture, " Meet the New Press" which broadcasts/livestreams every Saturday at 11am on the Web and on NewsTalk 1490 WEMJ. Despite being unabashedly conservative, Doug has long been a non-conformist who, while generally despising the 60's antiwar hippie types and their ilk, shares their questioning of authority... and loves the music!

Kevin Landrigan
Political Reporter, 'Nashua Telegraph'
Show appearance: Feb. 10, 2008, Mar. 16, 2008, Aug. 31, 2008, Sept. 28, 2008, Oct. 19, 2008, Nov. 16, 2008, Jan. 25, 2009, Feb. 08, 2009

No description given

David Lang
Professional Firefighters of NH
Show appearance: May 4, 2008

No description given

Mark Lathrop
Chairman, NH Hemp Council
Show appearance: April 22, 2007

I learned about hemp in spring of 1995. By September I had opened the doors of the Monadnock Hemporium. The Monadnock Hemporium is an all hemp general store. It contains clothing, cordage, soaps and lotions, sundries and foods all made from hemp fiber and/or hempseed.
By 1996 I had founded the New Hampshire Hemp Council and had introduced legislation in Concord that would re-introduce hemp to New Hampshire agriculture and industry. With the help of State Rep. Derek Owen, the NHHC filed suit against the DEA/DOJ in Federal Court. We took this litigation all the way to the Supreme Court who would not hear the case.  And we perennially support and shepherd legislation at the state level. This year we, again, passed a bill through the house, but the Senate continues to remain intentionally ignorant at the behest of the Governor.
 I continue to go out into the community doing what I call "Hemp 101 and a carbohydrate economy" at schools, Rotary, Grange, Earthday festivities and anywhere folks form an interested audience.

Walter Leach
Executive VP, Fairpoint Communication
Show appearance: August 5, 2007

Walter Leach joined FairPoint in October 1994 as Chief Financial Officer, adding the title of Senior Vice President in 1998. In July 2004 Mr. Leach was promoted to Executive Vice President and in June 2005, accepted the position of Executive Vice President, Corporate Development. In his new position Walter will be responsible for all the merger and acquisition activity for the corporation. Prior to joining FairPoint, Mr. Leach spent 10 years at Independent Hydro Developers as Executive Vice President, responsible for project acquisition, financing and development activities. From 1980 to 1984, he was Vice President, Investor Relations, for The Pillsbury Company and served as Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Controller for Burger King Corporation.

Paul LeBlanc
President, Southern New Hampshire University
Show appearance: May 20, 2007

No description given.

Alex Lee
Founder, Project Laundry List
Board Member, Democracy For New Hampshire
Show appearance: Apr. 29, 2007, Oct. 07, 2007

No description given.

Peter Leishman
NH State Representative
Show appearance: Dec. 16, 2007, Feb. 1, 2009

No description given

Carie Lemack
Founder, Families of September 11
Show appearance: Aug. 12, 2007

Carie Lemack founded the non-profit, non-partisan organization Families of September 11. She works with Congress and the White House on a number of counterterrorism issues, having pushed for the creation of the 9/11 Commission and implementation of its recommendations. A native of Boston and avid Red Sox fan, Carie is committed to ensuring what happened on 9/11 never happens again. Appearing numerous times on CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC news, Fox News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show and Oprah, Carie has been published in USA Today, The Boston Globe and The International Herald Tribune.

Wayne Lesperance
Political Science Professor, New England College
Show appearance: May 25, 2008, Jul. 06, 2008, Sept. 07, 2008

Wayne Lesperance is an associate professor of political science at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. His teaching and research interests run the gamut from international security issues to civic education. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Wayne is the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement and has served as the Co-Director for College Convention 2004 and 2008.

Professor Lesperance is a frequent commentator on area and national newspapers and is a regular guest on local and regional radio programs, where he is frequently quoted on public policy, the political process, and emerging trends in politics.

Among his more recent awards, Professor Lesperance received the Teacher of the Year Award in 2004 at New England College. He has also been named to the Union Leader's "40 Under Forty" most influential citizens in New Hampshire in 2007.

Wayne was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia and moved to New Hampshire in 1999 to take advantage of its special place in presidential politics. He attended Old Dominion University for both his undergraduate and graduate studies.

He currently resides in Belmont, New Hampshire with his wife Stephanie and their loveable 22 lb. cat, Jezebel. Wayne is an avid Jimmy Buffett fan and makes annual treks to points south during the summer to see his favorite performer in concert and revel in the Margaritaville lifestyle.

Neil Levesque
Republican Political Analyst
Show appearance: July 29, 2007, Oct. 28, 2007

Neil Levesque is a partner of Coniston Communications, a public relations and political consulting firm located in Concord, N.H. He currently serves as state director for the ONE campaign, an unprecedented non-partisan campaign to energize voters about the issues of extreme poverty. Levesque served for twelve years as an aide to U.S. Representative Charles Bass in capacities as District Director and Campaign Manager. Prior to that period he served as Administrative Assistant to Senator David Currier.

Thomas Linzey
Attorney, Executive Director
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Show appearance: Nov. 25, 2007

No description given.

Gerald Little
President of NH Bankers Association
Show appearance: Jul. 19, 2009

No description given.

John Lyons
Lawyer, McCain Executive Committee
Show appearance: Oct. 05, 2008, Jan. 18, 2009

John Lyons went to Marquette University where he made the Dean's List through all his semesters and graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1978. Later, he went to John Marshall Law School and graduated within the top ten percent of his class. He was elected a member of the Order of John Marshall, an honorary scholarship society.

He has done community service in the following capacities: Chairman of the State Board of Education for the state of New Hampshire; Governor's appointment for a five year term beginning November 19, 2003; reappointed as Chairman and second five year term on November 19, 2008; Fomer Portsmouth Boards member for two consecutive four-year terms November 2000-November 2008; President of Portsmouth Rotary; immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce; member of the Business Education Collaborative; former member of the Joint Budget Committee for the city of Portsmouth; former member of the Joint Building Committee for the city of Portsmouth responsible for overseeing the construction of the new forty million-dollar Portsmouth High School; member of the Foundation for Seacost Health; former member of the Joint-Loss Committee for Portsmouth Public Schools; Leadership Seacost, Graduate Lecturer; Proprieter, Portsmouth Athenaeum; and Eagle Scout.

He has been married for thirty years to Mary D. Lyons, Director of Student Services for School Administrative Unit (SAU) 50. They have two children, Carla Elizabeth and John Edward III.

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