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Arnie Arnesen currently on leave.

Episode #128 (FINAL): July 26, 2009
Host: to be announced



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Tom Tancredo
Congressman and Presidential Candidate
Show appearance: Nov. 18, 2007

Tom Tancredo, a lifelong Coloradan and native of Denver, represents Colorado's 6th Congressional district. The Littleton-based district stretches across Douglas County, much of Jefferson County, Evergreen in the mountains, and portions of Park County in the west. To the east, the district encompasses parts of Arapahoe County and Elbert County.

Tom is a school teacher by trade; and taught for several years at Drake Junior High before serving in the Colorado Legislature and in the Department of Education for former presidents Reagan and Bush. He also headed up the Independence Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Golden, prior to being elected to Congress in 1998.

He is a member of both the House Foreign Affairs and Natural Resources Committees. He is also the founder and former chairman of the bipartisan House Immigration Reform Caucus. In addition, Tom is a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Tom and his wife Jackie have been married since 1977. They have two children; and five grandchildren. When Tom is not in Washington, you can usually find him either trap, skeet, and clay pigeon shooting, or with his grandsons, building trains, racing cars, riding bikes, or playing ball.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

Steve Taylor
NH Commissioner of Agriculture
Show appearance: Oct. 14, 2007

New Hampshire Agriculture Commissioner Steve Taylor has announced his plans to retire when his term ends in November. A native and longtime resident of Plainfield, Stephen H. Taylor has been a farmer, newspaperman, and public official for 25 years. He attended grade school in Plainfield, graduated from Hanover High School and the University of New Hampshire and served in the Army. He was employed as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers and has been a freelance writer for a variety of publications. He and his family in 1970 founded a dairy and maple farm, which they continue to operate in the Meriden Village area of Plainfield.

Taylor was first appointed commissioner of agriculture by the late Gov. Hugh J. Gallen in 1982, and was reappointed to successive five-year terms in the office by Govs. John H. Sununu in 1987, Judd Gregg in 1992, and Jeanne Shaheen in 1997 and 2002. He has also served as a town selectman and, since 1980, as town and school district moderator.

Taylor said retirement will give him more time to work on the Plainfield dairy and maple farm he runs with his wife, Gretchen, and sons. "They're looking forward to me coming home," he said

Charles Temple, Esq.
Franklin Pierce Law School, Criminal Practice Clinic
Show appearance: Aug. 19, 2007

Professor Temple oversees Pierce Law's Criminal Practice Clinic and the Advanced Criminal Practice Clinic, programs that offer students hands-on practice representing clients in the courtroom. He also teaches Fundamentals of Law and Criminal Law.

Temple brings 21 years of trial experience to the position. He has practiced in the New Hampshire District Courts, Superior Courts, and Supreme Court. Temple has also appeared in the New Hampshire Federal District Court and the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

A 1985 graduate of Pierce Law, Temple served as an adjunct professor in the school's Civil Practice Clinic from 1994-2000. He practiced at Upshall, Cooper and Temple for 18 years and remains of counsel to the firm.

A member of the New Hampshire Bar Association, Temple participates in the Association's Public Information Committee and serves as editor of the New Hampshire Question of Law. He is also a certified domestic relations neutral evaluator and a Rule 170 civil mediator for New Hampshire Superior Courts. Temple is a member of the American Bar Association.

Jerry Thibodeau
President, Manchester Republicans
Show appearance: Sept. 09, 2007

No description given.

Barbara Thorngren
NH Department of Peace Campaign
Show appearance: Jan. 11, 2009

Barbara Thorngren, M.Ed, has been involved with peace activities for many years. She volunteers as the Co-State Coordinator for the NH U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence Campaign ( and is the advisor to the Student Peace Alliance Club at Nashua Community College.

As a nurse and community health educator in the ‘80’s Barbara worked with others to educate people about AIDS and was active in creating the AIDS Coalition for Lincoln County in Maine.

While working as an elementary teacher, Barbara used many of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) materials in her classroom to promote a peaceable classroom.  She has since used a variety of creative conflict resolution techniques and activities in workshops and presentations.

She has been involved with AVP at the NH State Prison for Men since 2001 and coordinated the first Summer Peacebuilding Institute at Nashua Community College (NCC) this summer using the AVP materials.

Barbara has spearheaded the efforts to develop a Peace and Justice Studies program at Nashua Community College which will begin in September 2009.  She is an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Education Department and part-time Peace and Justice Program Coordinator.

As the PJS Coordinator, she is currently working on offering a CRETE (Conflict Resolution Education for Teachers in Education) training in May and plans are underway for the second Peacebuilding Summer Institute at  NCC using HIPP (Help Increase the Peace Program).

Barbara lives with her husband in Temple, NH where they are beekeepers and tend a large garden. They have two adult sons, their youngest is in the service and has served one year overseas in the Iraq war.

Nancy Tobi
Former Chair, Democracy For NH
Show appearance: Aug. 12, 2007

Nancy Tobi is a native New Englander, and a 22-year New Hampshire resident. She is the author of numerous articles on election integrity, including "The Gifts of HAVA: Time to Ask for a Refund," "What's Wrong with the Holt Bill," "We're Counting the Votes: An Election Preparedness Kit" and the soon to be released "Hand Count Primer: Lessons from New Hampshire". She is Legislative Coordinator of Election Defense Alliance, co-founder of Democracy for New Hampshire and Chair of the New Hampshire Fair Elections Committee. Her writings may be found at, and

Bob Tortorice
CEO, Building Alternatives, Inc.
Show appearance: Sep. 23, 2007, Jun. 29, 2008

Building Alternatives, Inc. has been building quality homes throughout New Hampshire, as well as parts of Maine, Vermont & Massachusetts. Specializing in single-family homes, with an emphasis on system-built homes, Building Alternatives, Inc. works with Timber Frame/Post & Beam, Log, Cedar, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), 2 x 6 Panelized and Modular Homes. All the homes are potential Energy Star rated with the energy efficiency starting with the construction of the home and continues with Passive, Hybrid & Active Solar. Geothermal Earth or water source for heating, AC & domestic hot water is if viable used. In addition, serving as an agent for our clients allow us to be able to work with each on a macro level from picking out faucets to deciding on sub-contractors and the type of home which best suits needs and budgets. “Before we sign a contract with a client, we know how much everything will cost and how much needs to go into it” Bob Tortorice, Owner said. We provide a full turn key service or, or any individual service(s) you select - our Fee is based upon the final building and construction design along with the work you selected to be performed by Building Alternatives, Inc. Our fee is established prior to breaking ground.

Stuart Trachy
Show appearance: May 10, 2009

No description given.

Patrick Tufts
President of Heritage United Way
Show appearance: Mar. 16, 2008

Patrick Tufts joined Heritage United Way in December of 2005 as the President & CEO of the organization. Prior to joining Heritage United Way, Patrick was the Vice President of Resource Development at the United Way of Greater Portland (Portland ME). During that time Patrick was responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of annual campaigns that raised over $26,000,000 from 2003 to 2005.

Prior to working in Portland Maine, Patrick served as the Vice President and Area Director (Lowell) at the Merrimack Valley United Way. From 1999 to 2003 Patrick was responsible for raising and investing over $22,000,000 in the Merrimack Valley region. Included in this effort were leading innovative initiatives such as Success By 6, Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell, and Keeping Kids on Track.

Since joining Heritage United Way Patrick has participated as; Chair of Seniors Count Collaborative, Co-Chair of Manchester's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, The Mayor's Health & Human Services Transition Team, Leadership New Hampshire-Class of 2008, Featured on the Cover of Business NH Magazine's April 2007, Trustee of the Mary Gale Foundation, and Managing member of 2-1-1NH.

Patrick is a student athlete graduate of Missouri State University (BS Criminology) and The University of New Hampshire (MA Social Work) Patrick lives in Auburn NH with his wife, Allison, and their two children. Nicholas (6) and Lydia (3).

Dan Tuohy
Union Leader Reporter
Show appearance: Mar. 16, 2008

Dan Tuohy is a staff writer at the New Hampshire Union Leader and a freelance writer. He also writes, a blog about Granite State politics and people. A New Hampshire native, he has covered local and state government in New England since 1993.

Nick Tuompas
Commissioner of HHS
Show appearance: Sept. 14, 2008

No description given.

Atty. Paul Twomey
Twomey Law Office
Show appearance: Aug. 12, 2007, Sep. 2, 2007, Nov. 18, 2007, Jun. 15, 2008, Oct. 05, 2008, Dec. 14, 2008

No description given.

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