Political Chowder Ingredients: Facts, Events, Policy, Politicians, Journalists, and YOU
Political Chowder Ingredients:
Facts, Events, Policy, Politicians, Journalists, and YOU

This Week's "You"
June 21, 2009
Letter to the Editor of Fosters Daily Democrat

Hitting a home run for Rochester

To the editor: Congratulations on the success of Art Esprit's wonderful and creative "The Shoes of Rochester" project! Not only are these shoes beautiful, they are delightful and most of all, fun! I experienced childlike joy, as I participated with my map in the shoe "scavenger hunt."

We commend President Susan Schwake and the Art Esprit organization for coming up with the idea, raising the necessary funding, securing the artists and poets, and then implementing this project so professionally, complete with a beautiful guide map. These eleven enormous shoes not only pay tribute to the shoemaking history in Rochester, but also to our veterans and many professions. They highlight the power and impact of poetry, reading, and the visual arts. They attract the curious to the downtown. These giant shoes and poems show the world that we care about how our community looks. Art Esprit has also set aside funding for visual arts and creative writing scholarships for our city's students. In short, Art Esprit has hit a home run with this shoe project!

This project speaks loudly to the region that yes, in Rochester, we do value the literary and visual arts. Combine that with the recent success of the performing arts at the Rochester Opera House this season, and we are indeed a community that places value on all of the creative arts. It is said, "there is only in a community what its citizens choose to keep and place there". The people of Rochester have spoken that the world of arts has a home in regional Rochester, New Hampshire. Thank you to the sponsors for supporting "The Shoes of Rochester" in its early stages.

If you have not seen these eleven enormous shoes, and stopped to read the accompanying poems, I urge you to do so. You will be richly rewarded for your time. They will be on display until September 26, 2009. Meanwhile, thank you to all of the artists and poets who had a hand in following through on Art Esprit's vision, especially Adam Pearson, who made them all! We are honored to have you living and working in our community!


Cathy Taylor