Political Chowder Ingredients: Facts, Events, Policy, Politicians, Journalists, and YOU
Political Chowder Ingredients:
Facts, Events, Policy, Politicians, Journalists, and YOU

This Week's "You"
July 19, 2009
Letter to Fosters Daily Democrat

Ready for health care change

To the editor: No bill has yet to come from Congress, and we already have millions of dollars of anti-health care reform advertising bombarding us every day! Obviously, there is a whole lot of money at stake here.

What amazes me most are the claims that people in countries with national health systems "hate" their coverage. Why don't we hear of protests in those countries to change their plans? We only hear American pundits citing a horror story here or there around the world. We all know of serious horror stories in our own country, so I assume bad mistakes can be made in other places too.

The overwhelming number of stories I hear are that rational people in countries all over the world are very happy with their health care systems. Everyone complains about an unusual wait or rudeness from someone who had a bad day, but that doesn't mean they want to change their system!

The United States needs to change its system because we spend more than any other country on health care per person and we are less healthy than people in almost all of the industrialized countries in the world! Our system is also much more complicated, frustrating, and stressful, with thousands of loopholes designed to catch the average person and deny coverage when they need it most. We are obviously doing something very wrong!

We need a system that is based on preventing illnesses and keeping people healthy. It must be a simple system that anyone can figure out. President Obama has instructed Congress that he wants three goals met in the pending legislation:

1. Reduce costs

2. Guarantee the right to choose

3. Ensure quality, affordable care

Pretty simple to say, but we all need to insist that Congress makes it happen. When you hear threats of "health care decisions made by bureaucrats instead of doctors," remember that this is exactly what we have now … health care decisions made by bureaucrats in the health insurance industry. And we pay twice as much as people around the world for that "privilege!"

I am ready for change.

Kimberlee Tyndall